Striped Starlit Dance Floors

Black and white striped starlit led dance floors to hire are brilliant for a alternative design. They look great for birthdays parties, corporate events and and themed parties such as 70s night or a Gatsby event. Our black and white striped dancefloor start from a small 12ft to a massive 22ft size.

Our dance floors have a beautiful shiny finish and are kept in perfect condition cleaned after every event. Our dancefloors are also RBG which means we can set the dancefloor leds in any colour you want including the standard white.


Total GuestsDancing GuestsSizeCost
Up to 1003012ft x 12ft£375
100 – 1504514ft x 14ft£395
150 – 2006016ft x 16ft£415
200 – 30010018ft x 18ft£515
250 – 40015020ft x 20ft£615
300 – 50020022ft x 22ft£715